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The Exclusive Store Brands

Committed to Family, Friends, and Our Communities

Rustic Wildflowers Apothecary Final-01.jpg

This is our exclusive apothecary line for T3 Boutique. We have a selection of handmade cold pressed soaps, three wick 15 ounce soy scented candles, aromatherapy hand sanitizers and essentials oils.

Citrine Sodalite Final-01.jpg

Citrine Sodalite is our in house cosmetics company founded by my fourteen year old daughter Kyndra. You will find her new Smokebomb (TM) eyeshadow palette collection online and in-store.

Sozoshi Black-01.png

Sozoshi Art is our in house digital art company founded by my 15 year old Moth. All designs are one of a kind custom made. Contact us today to discuss your design or order online for a surprise!


We have had the honor of working with Sam Marie over the years and now are excited to announce we will be carrying her magnetic eyelash brand. You can check out all she offers at

Brands: Meet The Team
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